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School Counselor


  • Our children live in a time of rapid growth and change. They face unique and diverse challenges that impact their self-concept, academic achievement, and social and emotional competence.
  • Through the guidance of the school counselor, Merritt Academy provides education, prevention and intervention services to promote academic achievement and character development. Our school counselor plays a pivotal role in student success and achievement by:
    • Managing standardized testing
    • Conducting classroom lessons for Second Step , a curriculum-based program published by the Committee for Children that supports our Character Education Program
    • Conducting admissions screening tests and interviews
    • Creating action plans for student success
    • Observing student behavior and academic progress
    • Assisting students to find strategies to help them become more successful or to manage behavior
  • Our school counselor is caring and nurturing. Students are welcome to meet with her individually or meet in small groups to:
    • cope with events and transitions in their lives
    • develop study skills
    • develop social skills
    • select career paths
    • make healthy choices
  • Second Step Program

    Second Step, a part of Merritt Academy's character education program, is a curriculum published by the Committee for Children. It is a whole-school approach to character education and includes:

    • Skills for Learning
    • Empathy
    • Emotion Management
    • Problem Solving

    These skills are taught by the school counselor, reinforced and role-modeled by classroom teachers, assistants and other staff, and are practiced by students as part of classroom instruction. The goal is to teach children to treat each other with respect, kindness, and tolerance, to develop self-regulation skills, and to be able to problem-solve without escalation to violence. This curriculum nicely supports the Merritt Academy Code of Courtesy and the character traits which are taught each month on a rotating basis.


Jayden developed so much both emotionally and developmentally during his time at Merritt.

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