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Preschool - K2 through K4

  • Children under the age of five are filled with natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  Merritt’s Preschool program fosters this enthusiasm through imaginative play, creative projects and academic activities that engage and stimulate children’s learning.  Typical daily activities include art projects, language development/writing exercises, imaginative play and cognitive explorations.  On a weekly basis, students engage in a number of specialty activities led by specialists (See list below.)

  • Our small classes allow for individual and small-group instruction to take place, while children are able to practice an increasing level of independence in decision-making, self-advocacy and problem-solving skills.  Each classroom is lead by a team of educators who work hand-in-hand to ensure that students are challenged and engaged in their learning environment.  The curriculum is theme-based, which captures imagination and exposes children to a variety of topics, from Celebrations around the World to Amazing Authors to My Five Senses.  Field trips offer additional opportunities to bring lessons to life.

Core Academics

  • Letter, number, shape and color recognition
  • Phonetic sounds
  • Fine motor/gross motor skills
  • Pre-reading skills (in preparation for Kindergarten)
  • Pre-math skills (in preparation for Kindergarten)

Learning Centers

  • Creative Arts
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Construction
  • Science and Nature
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Reading

Specialty Classes and Activities

  • Library
  • Physical Education/Creative Movement
  • Music
  • Computers
  • French/Spanish
  • SMART Board
  • Intergenerational Program (with Sunrise Assisted Living)
  • Project Pals (with K-6th grade students)


They were the dream team, with each teacher contributing in their own special way, that made the team so successful

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