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Gifted Program

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  • Individualized Curriculum

    The Gifted Program is designed to meet unique learning experiences through continuous opportunities to engage students in complex subject matters and prepare them for more challenging classes as they advance in each grade level.  Students in grades K4 through sixth grade participate in various levels of enrichment.  Levels 1 and 2 are for all enrolled students. 

  • The Gifted Program for Levels 3 and 4 is Merritt Academy's academic enrichment program.  This program, designed for students who are significantly advanced in reading and mathematics, will facilitate scholarly growth and enrichment beyond the students' current grade level and outside of the current grade level classroom.  Students who are chosen to participate in Levels 3 and 4 have scored well on appropriate standardized tests, have been recommended by their teachers, and have been evaluated by the appropriate instructors in the proposed enrichment areas. All students will be assessed before being placed in the program.

  • Levels and Assessments

    Once assessments, appropriate tests, and teacher recommendations are completed students will be placed in one of the following Levels:

    • Level 1 is designed to allow students to work at their own pace and receive enrichment within the class as needed.  The students are working at a grade level higher in certain subject areas.  For example, 2nd grade is working in a 3rd grade math and spelling book. 
    • Level 2 students will receive differentiated lessons within the classroom.  They will be provided with additional challenges within the classroom given by the teacher. 
    • Level 3 students will meet with our Math Specialist in pull out enrichment groups and designated reading groups with the Reading Specialist to guarantee that they are being challenged through models and strategies designed to extend and enrich their academic potential.  They will meet and receive direct instruction from our Enrichment instructors as necessary.   
    • Level 4 students will advance to the next grade level for the appropriate academic area.  This level is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners with a strong emphasis on higher thinking, problem solving, and decision making.  The students will continually be re-assessed to ensure they are being provided with the appropriate academic challenge. 

Report cards and official documents will indicate student’s placement in the Gifted Program for Levels 3 and 4. 

The program is exceptional. My son seems so happy and well adjusted. Each day he greets me with a big a smile.

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