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Our Approach

Our school is built upon three pillars:

  • Academic Excellence – We provide a challenging academic program to all our students
  • Character Education – We emphasize values throughout our school to help build character in all our students.
  • Service to Families – We are committed to serving our families, earning their trust by being responsive, flexible, and supportive

For more than 50 years, the mission of Rachel O. Merritt Academy, has been to nourish and challenge the intellectual abilities and creative talents of children.

Our teachers use an academically challenging curriculum and also draw from their own expertise and experience to engage children in the adventure of learning. Our students also have the unique opportunity to participate in an enriching intergenerational program with senior residents who reside on the school campus.

The goal of our approach is that our students leave Merritt with:

  • The tools for academic success
  • The strength of character to make morally sound decisions


"The program is exceptional. My son seems so happy and well adjusted. Each day he greets me with a big a smile."-

Merritt Academy

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