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  • Merritt Academy was established in 1963 by Rachel O. Merritt.  Rachel was searching for a school for her own two daughters that would focus on their individuality and develop their unique abilities.  Having a clear vision for a school with this mission, Rachel set out to start her own school based on the following philosophy:
  • Children progress along a well-defined road to maturity, but each according to his own tempo.  They do not grow evenly or according to a time schedule.  New features emerge, sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually.  From birth to maturity, it is through experiences that the child grows in body, knowledge, and skill. 
  • As a working mother, Rachel also wanted to help make life easier for parents.  She developed a strong afterschool program that gave children enriched extra curricular activities such as piano lessons and intramural sports programs so that parents would not have to go elsewhere.
  • Originally the school was named The Talent House Private School, because Rachel believed that each child has talents and it is the responsibility of the educator to discover and nurture those talents.
  • Merritt Academy continues to be committed to the principles that Rachel put in place over 50 years ago.  We now define those principles as the legacy of our founder.


Merritt gives me an opportunity to learn.

Merritt Academy
8th Grade Student

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